Three Ways that Amy Lichtenstein Builds Strong Client Relationships

Amy Lichtenstein knows how to build strong client relationships. Having been in the business of market research recruitment for over two decades, Amy Lichtenstein knows how to keep her clients happy and have them become repeat clients.  There are three pieces of advice that Amy Lichtenstein has to offer about creating strong, long-lasting client relationships. You must keep in touch with your clients, you must do quality work, and you must get the work done quickly.

Amy Lichtenstein ‘s recommendation for keeping in touch with clients is to use all of the technology that we have at our disposal. Phone calls, email, and faxes are all the standard way of doing business. By using social media to keep in touch with her clients, Amy Lichtenstein is able to keep the relationship strong. Amy Lichtenstein is always available to assist her clients and is able to clearly assess her clients’ needs and create a specialized focus group to fit those needs.

The second piece of advice that Amy Lichtenstein has to offer is to do quality work. If you turn in questionable results to a client, they will not come back to you. With so much competition for their business, Amy Lichtenstein knows that you need to get the work done correctly the first time or you will lose the clients’ trust. Trust is something that Amy Lichtenstein has been known for since she began her company, Lichtenstein Research, in 1992. She knows the value of a good reputation.


Amy Lichtenstein’s final piece of advice is to get the work done quickly. If you give the client a deadline, you need to meet it. Clients will not return if you keep them waiting or, even worse, never complete the work. Amy Lichtenstein recommends being honest with your client about when the job will get done and remember to build in a little buffer, just in case something goes wrong.


Amy Lichtenstein is a Successful Entrepreneur

Amy Lichtenstein is a successful entrepreneur living in Chicago, Illinois. Success is enduring through tough economic times and coming out stronger; this is what Amy Lichtenstein has been doing for the last twenty years. Amy Lichtenstein established a market research recruitment group in 1992, Lichtenstein Research, that specializes in difficult and time-consuming focus group projects. When her business began to grow rapidly, Amy Lichtenstein expanded to a nationwide operation in 1995. Amy Lichtenstein has a history of completing challenging, labor-intensive projects quickly and with quality results. Success is what Amy Lichtenstein strives for in her professional and personal life.

On the professional front, Amy Lichtenstein is the definition of success. Her rapidly growing business and positive client response has made her the leading market research recruiting company in the nation. Amy Lichtenstein’s attention to detail is unmatched and clients have noticed. Clients’ needs are assessed and the information is put into Amy Lichtenstein’s massive database to find the right people for the focus group.  Attention to detail and continually searching for the top candidate in any given field is how Amy Lichtenstein has been so successful in her professional life.

On a personal front, Amy Lichtenstein is a successful philanthropist who enjoys donating her time to animal shelters and improving education for children in the Chicago area. Amy Lichtenstein’s love for animals and children is the driving force behind her volunteer work. Amy Lichtenstein knows that success is more than having a great career; she knows that you need to be able to give back.


Amy Lichtenstein

Amy Lichtenstein

Amy Lichtenstein believes that success cannot be measured only by how big your business is or how quickly it has grown. Success cannot be measured in terms of stuff. The true definition of success is having a full and rewarding life. Because of how she lives her life and is so dedicated to helping others, Amy Lichtenstein is a success in all areas of life.


Amy Lichtenstein Knows the Value of Education

Amy Lichtenstein knows the value of a quality education. Growing up, Amy Lichtenstein was a hardworking student and always knew that she wanted a career where she would be able to give back to the community that had done so much for her. Amy Lichtenstein now searches the country for quality applicants to fulfill her clients’ requests and has seen first-hand how far an education can take someone. Because of this, Amy Lichtenstein is committed to helping provide a quality education to children in her community. Amy Lichtenstein donates to her local library and schools to ensure that the children in her community will become the experts that she searches for in the future.


In searching for qualified applicants to add to her client database, Amy Lichtenstein has been shocked to see the quality of education around the country decline. Amy Lichtenstein wanted to make sure that the children in her neighborhood were getting an education that would serve them well into the future. This is why Amy Lichtenstein donates her time and money to the local library and school. She knows the value of a good education and wants to see our children succeed in life.


Amy Lichtenstein has an impressive educational background and hopes to inspire children to pursue higher education. After seeing so many children drop out of school, Amy Lichtenstein is dedicated to helping children succeed. Amy Lichtenstein is an example of how higher education can lead to a successful life. She has seen her business grow tenfold in the last 20 years and credits her higher education to her ability to manage all of the changes and growths that her company has gone through.  In many ways, Amy Lichtenstein is still that hardworking, dedicated student that she was growing up. Amy Lichtenstein knows that without a quality education she would not be as successful as she is today.


Amy Lichtenstein Shows How to Endure in a Tough Economy

Even as other companies were shutting their doors, Amy Lichtenstein was expanding, taking her company, Lichtenstein Research, nationwide in 1995. Started just three years earlier, Lichtenstein Research was still in its infant stage when demand for her services inspired Amy Lichtenstein to expand. Amy Lichtenstein built a strong company founded on creativity, intelligence, and consideration of her clients’ needs.

With all of the financial instability that she has seen in the last 20 years, Amy Lichtenstein has continued to grow and change, making Lichtenstein Research a leader in the market research recruitment field. Amy Lichtenstein has some advice on how to succeed in a tough economy.

Amy Lichtenstein’s first piece of advice is not to be afraid to take chances. You have to take the step or you will never begin the journey. Deciding to take her company national was a huge decision for Amy Lichtenstein, but one that she has never regretted.

Second, be honest in what you can and cannot do. Never lie to clients. Amy Lichtenstein is known in the market research recruitment field for her honesty. Her recommendation is to never tell a client “no.” Amy Lichtenstein’s advice is to simply tell them what you can do for them instead of what you cannot do.


Amy Lichtenstein’s third piece of advice is to keep moving. The world is moving so fast around you, if you are not growing, you are shrinking. Amy Lichtenstein has seen so many companies grow complacent and, because of that, they are no longer in business.


Amy Lichtenstein began her company in 1992 and, in the last 20 years, she has seen it go from a one-woman operation to a nationally recognized leader in the field of market research recruitment. During this time, the economy has had many ups and downs but Amy Lichtenstein has weathered all of the economic turmoil. Follow these three simple pieces of advice and you may just achieve the success that Amy Lichtenstein has seen in her career.


Amy Lichtenstein is Integrity in Action

When you think of someone who actively goes out and tries to make the world a better place through honesty in his or her professional and personal life, you think of someone who has integrity. Integrity is a word that is often used to describe Amy Lichtenstein. From her business dealings to her volunteer work, Amy Lichtenstein works tirelessly to make the world a better place. Amy Lichtenstein donates her time and money to help children and animals. Honest and accessible, Amy Lichtenstein is the founder and heart of Lichtenstein Research. Her belief in giving back to the community that has helped her succeed is what makes Amy Lichtenstein such an amazing person.


Many in the business community associate Amy Lichtenstein and Lichtenstein Research with integrity. Amy Lichtenstein is known for her honest dealings with clients, her consistent and highly accurate results, and her dedication to working with her clients to make sure that they are satisfied with the results that they have received. Now a nationwide company, Lichtenstein Research and its founder, Amy Lichtenstein, are dedicated to providing excellent client service and fast, accurate results. The results that Amy Lichtenstein gets for her clients are the effect of years of hard work and dedication. Taking no short cuts, Amy Lichtenstein created a database and makes sure that the service she provides is of the highest quality.

Amy Lichtenstein

Amy Lichtenstein

Amy Lichtenstein seeks out the best people for her clients, finds safe homes for homeless pets, and contributes to the educational needs of the children in her community. Not many people are as dedicated and compassionate as Amy Lichtenstein.  Her success in the business world is a testament to her hard work and determination. If you are looking for a business leader with integrity, look to Amy Lichtenstein. Chicago is a better place because Amy Lichtenstein lives there.


Volunteering With Amy Lichtenstein

Amy Lichtenstein believes in giving back to her community. In addition to donating to and volunteering at several local animal shelters, Amy Lichtenstein also supports her local library and schools. Amy Lichtenstein knows the value of serving her community and believes that everyone should be involved in community activities in some way.


Amy Lichtenstein has some advice for those who want to volunteer but don’t know where to start. Amy Lichtenstein suggests that you start with what you are passionate about. For Amy Lichtenstein, that is animals and education. You don’t need to jump into and over-commit to anything. Amy Lichtenstein encourages you to just show up. You have to start somewhere.


Through volunteering, you can learn more about what your community has to offer. Before volunteering at the animal shelter, Amy Lichtenstein was unaware of how many animals in her community were homeless and living on the street or in shelters. Now, armed with this knowledge, Amy Lichtenstein can do something about the problem. Amy Lichtenstein encourages you to look around your community so see what needs are not being met. Chances are that there is a group trying to help that would benefit from your involvement.


Amy Lichtenstein

Amy Lichtenstein

Amy Lichtenstein has chosen to give back to her community by making sure that libraries and schools are well equipped to serve the future generations. She sees the value of education and encourages everyone to get involved with supporting local schools and libraries. The social aspect of volunteering is something else that Amy Lichtenstein enjoys experiencing. Amy Lichtenstein enjoys meeting other genuine people who want to help the community. Amy Lichtenstein has been able to meet many people who share her same passion for helping animals and children through her volunteer activities. If you want to meet other people who are interested in helping others, do what Amy Lichtenstein has done and volunteer.


Amy Lichtenstein Cares for Homeless Animals

Amy Lichtenstein is an animal lover and regularly volunteers at two local animal shelters. Amy Lichtenstein’s love of animals is evident in the time and effort she puts toward helping dogs and cats find permanent and loving homes. Amy Lichtenstein supports the animal shelters both financially and physically. Knowing that money can only do so much, Amy Lichtenstein also donates her time to local animal shelters. Amy Lichtenstein’s dedication and compassion is not only evident in her professional life but in her personal life as well.


Even while expanding her company, Lichtenstein Research, Amy Lichtenstein still made time to volunteer at local shelters to help homeless animals find permanent and loving homes. There are many reasons why Amy Lichtenstein volunteers at the animal shelter. The main reason is that she has always loved animals. Even as a child, Amy Lichtenstein was rescuing animals. Her heart for taking care of animals was evident when she took wonderful care of her first kitten as a child. Amy Lichtenstein has never lost the love that she has for animals and knows that they give so much and ask so little from us. This is Amy Lichtenstein’s way of giving something back for all the years of love and devotion she has received from her pets.

Amy Lichtenstein

Amy Lichtenstein

Another reason that Amy Lichtenstein volunteers at the shelter is that she enjoys reuniting lost pets with their owners. Having been a pet owner for a very long time, Amy Lichtenstein knows the feeling of panic that sets in when your pet is lost and the subsequent relief when you are reunited. Amy Lichtenstein loves being able to tell pet owners that their lost family member is safe and waiting for them at the shelter.


Amy Lichtenstein also loves the feeling of placing a dog or cat with a new home. The smile on a young child’s face as they take their first puppy home is enough to bring Amy Lichtenstein back to the shelter day after day.